Can A Parenting Coordinator Help?

Following a parenting plan after a divorce or separation can be difficult. Shared parenting has been ordered by the Court. Now what? Have the conflicts with the other parent regarding the minor children suddenly stopped just because you have this signed order? How about communication; did the judge signing that Order make it so that you and the other parent magically start effectively communicating? Likely not. Many parents have no real idea what shared parenting is much less how to incorporate it in their day-to-day lives. Quite often it is rarely the big, life-altering issues that cause the greatest amount of conflict between parents. The majority of conflicts are over altering agreed upon drop-off times, exchange locations or changing timesharing schedules.

A parenting coordinator may be able to help you and the other parent with just these type of issues. Parenting coordinators help parents by teaching them how to make decisions together and reduce daily conflict over ordinary decisions. By assisting parents in resolving these issues, parenting coordinators can reduce and often eliminate much of the litigation and court involvement that often occurs with the ongoing parental conflict, saving the parents time and money.

Top 10 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Parenting Coordinator[i]:

  1. Your monthly legal bill exceeds your rent or mortgage payment;
    2. You spend more time in your attorney’s office than with your friends;
    3. Your vacations are spent reviewing depositions, drafting motions, hiring investigators, etc. etc.;
    4. Your children are exhibiting classic signs and symptoms of children of high-conflict divorce, such as failing grades, sexual promiscuity, and drug use;
    5. You spend more time in the courthouse than on the golf course;
    6. The judge assigned to your case knows you by name and recognizes your face in the supermarket;
    7. You seem to be paying for your attorney’s kids’ education instead of your own;
    8. Your attorney doesn’t seem to want to take your phone calls anymore, and only reluctantly responds to your emails;
    9. You seem to be having an ongoing, friendly relationship with your local process-server; and
    10. You’ve hired and fired multiple attorneys, and just can’t seem to find one who “gets” you.

Wouldn’t you rather put your divorce behind you and never ever ever be forced to have a volatile engagement with your former spouse again? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to co-parent without the venomous hostility that consumes your life, and worse, hurts your children?

One of the most important benefits, is parenting coordinators can reduce the overall conflict that the entire family experiences when parents cannot get along, cannot make decisions or cannot communicate. This benefits the most defenseless victims of high conflict parenting: the children.

Heidi M. Crimins of Crimins Family Law and Conflict Solutions Firm, PLLC is a qualified parenting coordinator in the Seventh (Volusia County, Flagler County, Putnam County, St. John’s County), Ninth (Orange County), Fifth (Lake County and Marion County) and Eighteenth (Seminole County) Judicial Circuits of Florida.

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