Traditional family law practice is aggressive and adversarial. Lawyers represent their clients by litigating cases, which means the outcomes are determined not by the parties, but by judges. Social science research has demonstrated the potentially harmful effects of adversarial litigation on children, especially since this method of conflict resolution tends to increase rather than decrease conflict between parents. More often parties to a matrimonial or family law dispute are choosing not to litigate. It is our experience that litigation is the least beneficial dispute resolution method and we would prefer not to take our clients down the litigation path.

Points to Consider:

  • Litigation eliminates the parties' control of the outcome and places the control and decision making for your family's future ¬†in the hands of a complete stranger (the Judge)
  • Litigation is emotionally more difficult
  • Litigation is typically the most expensive conflict resolution option
  • Litigation is very time-consuming
  • Litigation generally leaves the parties feeling angry and disappointed
  • Family Law litigation generally results in a no-win outcome for all involved

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